duoWhat can I shred?

Any type of paper – like receipts, contracts, manuals and file folders. No need to remove paper clips or fasteners. We do ask that you get the documents out of binders, and we obviously can’t shred bulky containers that aren’t made of paper or cardboard.

How much does it cost?

Your shredding cost with us will vary and is dependent on how much you have to shred, how frequently you want us to come out, and if there’s any intense labor involved (like going up and down the stairs to a basement several times). Just call or email us. We promise we offer competitive rates, because the opportunity to offer jobs to disabled adults in our community means more to us than making a big profit.

How do I know RecyclABILITY is secure?

The RecyclABILITY program has received National Association of Information Destruction certification since its creation. That means the program is held to the highest standards in the document destruction arena. Drivers and any other support staff who help execute jobs undergo intense training and maintain procedures that are required by NAID. We take your personal information seriously, and ensure that it is destroyed in the safest and most confidential way.

trioWhat happens once I decide I need monthly or regular service?

The RecyclABILITY team talks with you about what consoles/containers you need to hold the documents you want destroyed, and then we perform an “install” – where we bring those containers to you and get them set up. We also gather the information we need to know to carry out the job – like who our contact people are, which door you’d like us to come in, etc. Service begins shortly after the install is complete.

We currently hire RecyclABILITY for regular monthly service, but may have some additional needs.

What else can the program help us with?

Many businesses find they have times where they clean out their records room or a warehouse. The RecyclABILITY team is happy to help. We consider these opportunities purges and can offer regular customers a discounted rate to get rid of these extra documents. We also try to schedule those extra jobs on your regular service days if that’s more convenient for your business.

What if I need record that I destroyed the documents?

We provide a certificate of destruction at the end of each service appointment for your files.

How do I pay for the service?

You can pay on-site with one of our drivers each time we shred on site at your business or home, or you can be billed.